Wright, James Henry - portrait of a man

Although this miniature portrait of an unknown man is clearly signed "J H W 1836" in red on the left, until recently the artist had not been identified.

This was despite going through on a line by line basis, all the 40 pages totalling over 3000 miniature painters recorded in Blattel whose names begin with "W".

However, a kind visitor has now advised that the artist is James Henry Wright (1813-1887) who worked in New Orleans and the southern United States.

Miniatures by this artist are very rare and so this is an important miniature for reference purposes. The size is 55mm x 46mm. 297

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Potters said...

I love looking at these. They are a wonderful window into a different time. I like to imagine what those faces would look like in today's hair styles!

Thank you for sharing your collection!