Doyle, William - portrait of a lady

This miniature portrait is signed "Doyle 1823" for William M S Doyle (1769-1828) who worked in Boston. From 1806 to 1815 he collaborated with Henry Williams (1787-1830).

Johnson comments, "In Doyle's miniatures the subject, usually male, is placed left of center, facing right. The paint is applied in broad washes; shadows and folds are emphasised with gum. Doyle's early work was awkward and lacked modelling, but during his association with Williams he learned how to produce a more accurate and accomplished likeness."

In this case, as Johnson has observed, the unknown sitter is slightly left of center. However, when it is compared with the miniature of a member of the Weaks family, fig 274 in Johnson, which was painted by Henry Williams in 1826, one can see some similarities of style.

This one by Doyle of an unknown lady is appealing and being dated 1823, is one of his later works as he died in 1828, two years before Williams. 1048

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