Lenique, Andree - portrait of a lady

This miniature portrait is signed "Lenique" for Clemence Andree Lenique de Francheville (1875-1945). She was born in France.

Andree Lenique is recorded as having exhibited at the Third Annual Exhibition of the American Society of Miniature Painters in New York in 1902. The NY Times described her entry as; "A highly wrought, seated profile portrait by a French miniaturist Mlle Andree Lenique deserves attention for the exactness with which the red stained hair, the book on the arm of the modern high-backed fauteuil, and the long chain of coral beads are rendered". See PAINTERS OF MINIATURES.; Third Annual of the American Society at ...

As Miss Andree Lenique, she arrived on SS Moltke 1 Nov 1904, but the passenger list notes that she had previously lived in New York for three years 1901/1904 and her address was 58 W 57th Street New York. She answered two standard question on the passenger list as follows;
Whether a polygamist? - No.
Whether an anarchist? - No.
Thus even in 1904, there were concerns about terrorism!

She must have been quite successful as an artist, as in the 1910 census, she was living with one servant in Manhattan, Ward 19 and gave her occupation as artist/portraitmin. Adjacent 1910 census entries are for a number of other artists/illustrators/painters, so this must have been an artistic area of New York.

This miniature portrait by Lenique is included in the Louvre collection. It is quite different in style, being much more fluid. It may be that her American clients preferred the more exact style referred to by the NY Times.

Anree Lenique is also recorded as an art teacher. She seems to have married a French art dealer living in New York called Franc Boyer de Francheville (9 Jan 1874-?) and they are both recorded in the 1920 census, with him as F B Francheville, are dealer and her described as A L Francheville, portrait painter. Franc was naturalised 4 Jan 1918 and gave his address as 53 W 39th Street. On his 1918 draft card he gave his occupation as art dealer/French teacher.

Andree Lenique worked in New York, where this portrait of an unknown lady was probably painted. Like the portrait by John Ramsier, which appears later in this group, this may be a painting made by copying an earlier larger portrait, or even a daguerreotype portrait, as the costume and hair style seems to be more 19C. 906

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Don, the collector said...

She seems to have made many crossings of the Atlantic, sometimes close together as these examples show. As Andree de Franchiville on the Rochambeau arriving Dec 20, 1929 at age 54, giving occupation as artist/paint, her residence as Paris and apparently traveling with a young artist called Louis Englander, aged 24. As Andree Lenique de Francheville, painter, on SS France arriving 27 May 1930. The passeenger list is endorsed "American citizen, see file 99199/204". Again as Andree de Francheville on SS Lafayette arriving 31 October 1935 passport no. 234186 and the comment she was naturalised by marriage August 1914 in NYC and giving the address 1130 Parker, Detroit, Michigan.