Parsell, Abraham - portrait of a lady

This miniature portrait is unsigned, but has been attributed to Abraham Parsell who was active in New York. The sitter is unknown. She is holding a red book.

All the characteristics that make Parsell so sought after are present, from the folky treatment of the face, the frizzy hair, although that is hidden in this instance, and the accessory point of interest, in this case the book.

There is an extensive article about him at Abraham Parsell, Miniature Painter by Vincent DiCicco from ... including that Abraham Parsell was born in Neshanic, New Jersey, on June 17, 1791, the second of six children in the family of Oliver Parsell and Lucretia Williamson Parsell, who married on July 21, 1788. Abraham himself married Mary Richards in Essex County, New Jersey, on March 23 1819. Their first and only surviving child, John H. Parsell, was probably born on the same year. Though John H.'s exact birth date is unknown, he is recorded in the 1880 census as sixty-one years old. Two more children born to Abraham and his wife died in infancy.

His grave can be seen at Abraham Parsell (1791 - 1856) - Find A Grave Memorial 434

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