Rauschner, Johann - portrait of Mrs Strycker

This miniature wax portrait is unsigned, but is attributed to Johann Christoph Rauschner (1760-?). He was born in Germany, but created many wax miniature portraits in the NE United States, in the late 18C and early 19C.

On the reverse there is a much later note which appears to read "Wax min. of Mrs Strycker. Was a Mott. "Mott Haven" named after her family, by Jno C Rauschner of NY 1850". This date appears to be wrong, compared to the date of the costumes, and a date before 1800 is more likely.

Mott Haven is an area of the Bronx in New York. There is also an area in New York on the Upper West Side called Strycker's Bay, so Mr Strycker is quite likely associated with the family this area is named for. However, no marriage between Strycker and Mott has yet been located.

Both this portrait and the following one are recorded on page 118 of E J Pyke's Dictionary as being in the Art Institute of Chicago. However, a check with the Institute has confirmed that the portraits were both de-accessioned in 1993. 888a

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