Strobel, Louisa Caroline - portrait of a lady

This miniature portrait is signed on the right "Louisa C Strobel" for Louisa Caroline Strobel (1806-1883). She was born in Liverpool to American parents.

It has been stated that she gave up painting after she married in 1840 and thus this portrait must predate 1840. The sitter is unknown. 218

There are two other portraits by Louisa in this collection, together with information about her family, see  Strobel, Louisa Caroline - portrait of Ann Elizabeth Strobel and  3 American Miniature Portraits: Strobel, Louisa Caroline - portrait of ...

Much Later - A kind visitor has sent me information on another portrait by Louisa Strobel, which I have added here for the information of anyone researching her. The portrait appears by the clothing to have been painted around the same time as the one depicted her, so may possibly be related.

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